Equine consultations

Whatever the problem with your horse or pony we perform an initial consultation either here at the practice, or at your home or livery yard.

If we visit you, a charge will be made for visiting to cover our time and mileage. Discounts are given for pre-arranged visits if we can combine several in a round . Yard visits of five or more patients are free of charge.

Follow up phone consultations and e-mail or WhatsApp consults are routinely free of charge unless they involve considerable time.

As an independent first opinion general practice, we are able to refer complicated cases to any second opinion referral practice you prefer to use, all over the country, allowing you access to the best available care for your horse.

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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture utilises the body’s nervous system to block pain signals and encourage the central nervous system to release natural painkillers.

In non painful conditions acupuncture can help to reset the body to normal functioning.

We offer acupuncture in horses by Kayleigh who is a qualified veterinary acupuncturist.

What conditions can be treated with Acupuncture?


Neck & Spinal Pain

Muscle Pain

Myofascial Pain

Nerve Pain

Visceral Pain

How will my horse respond to Acupuncture?

Most of the time they accept the fine needles very well and often become
relaxed and sleepy during the treatment Often they appear to look forward to the next treatment when they come back to the practice.

Sometimes horses may react to the sensation as though they are expecting pain, but then relax because it does not occur.

Treatment Regime & Costs

We recommend a weekly treatment plan for the first 4-6 weeks and then a maintenance plan will be drawn up for your horse.

The cost is £42 per treatment at the practice. Visit fee applies if you have the treatment at your yard. Group bookings can be accommodated. Please call the team to discuss and book your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is uncommon for horses to need to be sedated.